Gembird USB 2.0 4+1 ports PCI card UPC-20-4P

Add four 480Mbps, USB 2.0 ports to your PC! For four USB 2.0 or 1.1 devices 32 bits PCI 2..

Gembird USB 2.0 PCI host adapter UPC-20-2P

Add two 480Mbps, USB 2.0 ports to your PC! For two USB 2.0 or 1.1 devices 32 bits PCI 2.1 bus..

APPROX PCI card with one Parallel Port + Low Profile PCI1P

Increase your computer´s possibilities thanks to this PCI card by Approx, which will provide y..

Digitus Cardbus Esata 2 Port

Conforms to Serial ATA 1.0 specification, revision 2.2 - 32 bit PC Card, card bus Type II compatibl..

Digitus Expresscard Contr. Esata Ii 1 Port

1 x eSATA port - Chipset: JMB360 - ExpressCard, form factor 34 - Data transfer rate up to 3Gbps - Ho..

OEM PCI 1394 Card FireWire 17471

PCI 1394 card IEEE 1394a (Firewire) for 2 + 1 port PCI Host Card Supports: DV cameras, HDD, p..

Gembird Parallel port PCI add-on card LPC-1

  High-speed (UART 16C550C) Automatic distribution of IRQ and I/O address Jumperless, ..

APPROX Pci Serial 2 Port + Low Profile PCI2S

Supports 32-bit PCI Bus, PCI version 2.1 Supports 2 * 16C550 UART Memory 16-byte FIFO transmit, rece..

Gembird 802.11g 54M Wireless LAN PCI Adapter NICW-RPCI

Complies with 2.4GHz 802.11b/g Standard Complies with PCI 2.2 Standard Data Rate up to 54Mb..

Gembird 2 serial ports PCI add-on card SPC-1

High-speed (UART 16C550C) 1 MB/sec data transfer rate Automatic distribution of IRQ and I/O add..

VALUE Expresscard Serial 1 Port

This ExpressCard/34 upgrades your notebook with one RS232 port . Offers one standard DB9M RS232 inte..

Digitus PCI Parallel 1Port DS-33010-1

Parallel I/O, 1-Port, PCI Add-On Card 1xDB25 F, Slot Bracket SUN1989 chipsetTake full advantage of a..

Digitus Pci Serial 2 Port

Perfect for connecting serial modems, PDAs, digital cameras, printers, ISDN terminal adapters and ma..


Multi-I/O PCI card 2x DB9 serial ports, UART16C450/550 1x DB25 parallel port Chipset : MCS9..