Case Fans

Case Fans


Gembird 40x40x10mm ball bearing DC fan 12V 70mm cable D40BM-12A

Extra durable ball bearing cooling fan Connector type: 3 Pins Speed up to 4000 RPM Super-sile..

Gembird 60x60x15 mm sleeve bearing cooling fan D6015SM-3

A better airflow inside your system increases its stability. Keep your equipment cool and prevent it..

Gembird 50x50x10mm DC fan sleeve bearing 12V 250mm wire D50BM-12AS

Extra durable ball bearing cooling fan Connector type: 3 Pins Cable length: 250 mm Spee..

Gembird 80mm PC Case Fan Ball Bearing FANCASE/BALL

Second fan for PC case Ball bearing Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 25 m ..

Connectland 6x6x1.2cm COOLING FAN VEN-B-6x6

Current/Power input: 0.10A / 1.20W Rated voltage: 12V DC Hydro Bearing.Fan air flow: 12CFM ..

Gembird 70x70x15 mm cooler fan sleeve bearing medium speed 3 pin connector bulk package D7015SM-3

Rated voltage: 12 V DC Operation voltage: 6~14 V Rated current: 0.22 A Starting voltage: 6 ..

Arctic F8 Pro Case fan 80 mm AFACO-080P0-GBA01

Description The ARCTIC F8 Pro is exceptionally quiet and cost-effective...

Arctic F8 Silent Case acc Fan 8cm ACFAN00025A

  "ARCTIC fans are able to cool the system more quietly than the stock fans which aren&..

Spire Ανεμηστhρας 60X60X15 Ball Bear. 12V

Bearing : Sleeve bearing - Connectors : 3 Pin - Noise Level : 27.5 dBA - Dimensions : 60 x 60 x 15mm..

Spire Ανεμιστήρας 50x50x15 Sleeve Bearing 12V SP05015S1M3

Bearing Sleeve Bearing - Fan Dimensions 50 x 50 x 15mm - Noise Level 29.7 dBA - Connections : 3pin m..

Arctic F8 Cooling Fan 8cm 3pin AFACO-08000-GBA01

Fan       Performance Fan Speed: 2,000 RPM (@ 12V DC) 1,..