Cablexpert Modular plug 8P8C for solid LAN cable, UTP, 10 pcs per bag LC-8P8C-001/10

Modular 8P8C RJ45 plug 30u” gold plated 3-fork internal contacts for use with solid L..

Cablexpert Shielded modular CAT6 plug 30u" Gold Plated 10 pcs per bag PLUG6SP/10

Modular CAT6 plug 8P8C gold plated 30u” Shielded connector, for shielded LAN cables (FTP,..

Roline Mούφα RJ45 8P/8C 1:1 UTP Cat 5e 21.17.3001

Description: unshielded with plastic housing The couplers are able to extend Cat. 5e cables ..