DELOCK Adapter Sata 22P/F-Slim Sata 13P/M

Περιγραφή This adapter by Delock enables you to connect your CD / DVD drive with standard SATA 22 pi..

Gembird Bi-directional SATA/IDE Converter SATA-IDE-2

Turns ‘older’ IDE devices into SATA devices Allows recent SATA devices to be connec..

DELOCK Converter Lif/Sata 22Pin

Περιγραφή This Delock converter enables you to connect a LIF..

DELOCK Adaptor M.2 Ngff To Sata 7P.

Περιγραφή This adapter by Delock converts the M.2 NGFF interface into a SATA 7 pin interface. Thus ..