Crucial RAM 2133 8GB DDR4 Retail CT8G4DFD8213

Crucial RAM 2133 8GB DDR4 Retail CT8G4DFD8213
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Μοντέλο Προϊόντος: CT8G4DFD8213
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DDR4 DIMM with 288 contacts
Higher speed. More bandwidth. Improved efficiency. Experience the next-generation DDR4 memory.
Overcome one of the biggest hurdles in terms of server: RAM. Network applications, cloud computing and virtualization to HPC, Big Data, and much more: For memory-related server applications ever greater memory density and more and more power is required - requirements that can not be met with the current DDR3 technology. Switch to Crucial DDR4 server memory.

double speed
Faster data processing. Experience up to twice as high responsiveness, and improve memory bandwidth by up to 50% to 25.6 Gbit / s. Crucial DDR4 memory already offers data rates from 2133 MT / s and will be even faster with increasing technology maturity, while DDR3 memory only at 1066 MT / s starts. Crucial DDR4 memory provides faster burst access for improved sequential data throughput by using the unique 4-banking groups of the DDR4 technology.

double capacity
Double the storage capacity and maximize system performance. With the increasing maturity of the DDR4 memory technology, it offers the possibility of doubling the storage capacity for servers, so you can get more power from each module and your entire network. Crucial DDR4 memory is composed of smaller components with higher storage density per component and is specifically designed to allow DDR4 modules with up to twice as high density.

Up to 40% higher energy efficiency
Reduce your power and cooling costs. Crucial DDR4 memory is operated at a lower by 20% than the voltage DDR3 technology, namely 1.2 V compared to 1.5 V for conventional DDR3 server memory. In combination with the additional built-in power management features of DDR4 memory architecture saves you the Crucial DDR4 memory up to 40% in energy costs compared to conventional DDR3 technology. In addition, the cooling of the system is facilitated since the modules generate less heat.

A plus for cloud computing, Big Data, HPC and more
For memory-intensive applications such as server virtualization, cloud computing, Big Data and HPC Crucial DDR4 server memory is an optimal solution to increase memory bandwidth and capacity while reducing energy costs. The memory often works as a solid (non-shared) component and is therefore one of the biggest performance bottlenecks for data centers. Maximize the DDR4 memory and discover services and next-generation efficiency. Crucial DDR4 memory is compatible with future Intel Xeon processors E3-1200 product family v3 and E5-2600 v3 and processes large workloads effortlessly.


Internal memory type DDR4
memory clock speed 2133 MHz
component for PC / Server
Memory Form Factor 288-pin DIMM
Memory layout (x size modules) 1 x 8 GB
CAS latency 15
memory voltage 1.2 V
unbuffered memory  
Memory ranking 2


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